The title of this article from CityPages pretty much says it all. Jeremy Baier is going to eat three Chipotle burritos per day for a week for a total of 21 colon-busting burritos in a row. When I eat a Chipotle burrito, it turns me off of all food for the rest of the day, much less two more burritos, so this guy is truly a visionary.

My friend and colleague, Michael Stone, is the only other person I know who attempts something like this. On one of the first days of Spring, Stone goes and gets two Chipotle burritos and eats them in a ritual he likes to call “Spring Cleaning.” And that’s only two burritos!

If you have the stomach for it, feel free to follow Jeremy on his quest to rid himself of working, human intestines on his website. At least, if he dies, he’ll go out with the sweet taste of Chipotle in his mouth.

Lastly, I sure hope he bought himself some Chipotle-Away!

Man, that’s gross… and hilarious.