Isn't he cute? They are gonna call him Abydosaurus mcintoshi. Egyptian-Greek-Irish, that's kind of a cool combo!

So, new dinosaurs pop up all the time, so why is this a big deal? Because sauropod skulls are exceedingly rare.

Why? Well, picture yourself as your favorite sauropod: Apatosaurus, Diplodocus, Brachiosaurus… Now picture that you are dead. Sorry! Don't worry, your giant corpse now represents over 10 tons of the easiest and tastiest meat around. Normally, you're there to beat up people who try to eat you, but not anymore! Now, you're a school bus-sized buffet and the sound of you hitting the ground rings like a dinner bell in the ears of every carnivore around.

These guys are hungry, strong and chock full of teeth.

The small ones come first and pick off as much meat as they can, going after the tender underside of your neck, belly and tail. They tear full chunks and run away, knowing full well that bigger, hungrier meat-eaters aren't far behind. Now repeat with the medium sized dinosaurs. Eventually, an apex predator like an Allosaurus** is gripping and ripping at your picked apart corpse. Whatever is left isn't going to be attached by much because these guys haven't lived long enough to read Dear Abby's advise on how to eat politely.

Chances are really, really good that after all of this along with wind, rain and other means of erosion that your tiny head has been separated from the body that normally lies at the other end of your ridiculously long neck. Add to that that sauropods generally have light skulls for their body size and you've got a recipe for disaster when it comes to preserving a fossil for posterity.

So, as you can imagine, people in the paleontological community are pretty stoked about digging up these Abydos! By the way, I'd pronounce that "ab-bee-dohs," but that's just me. Even though this is exciting, it's sure going to be tough to get people to remember the name of this guy! Couldn't we have gone with Blockosaurus? No? Well, a guy can dream! [Yahoo News]

**To be fair, an Allosaurus wouldn't be munching on our buddy Abydos because they existed in different periods. So, if you were picturing yourself as an Abydosaurus, just switch in a Acrocanthosaurus in Allosaurus' place. Not much better, I know but more technically accurate!