…is not this guy! I'm serious!

Have you been to the Masters website yet? I think that it is, far and away, the most well-designed sports website I've ever seen.

First of all, you can watch the whole thing online. Most of us are working and shouldn't be watching golf while putting together reports for clients, however, for research purposes, I checked it out for a few minutes. The streaming was ad-free, smooth and syched perfectly with the audio. It was probably the best streaming event I've viewed online. Furthermore, you could put your attention on five different areas, from keeping an eye on the 15th and 16th hole to tracking the featured group. This sort of choice makes watching the event online even better than watching on television!

Second of all, the highlights are amazing. Check out this system:

Here I am on the home page.


Now, I'm checking out the leaderboard.


I've chosen to check out Fred Couples' leading scorecard. As you can see, every hole that has a yellow box contains video highlight.


Here's an example of in-video action from the highlights.


How awesome is that interface? Can you imagine looking at a baseball game and being able to watch just the outs and hits instead of the menagerie of plays that ESPN chooses for you? What happened in the eighth inning? Click. Now you see it. Of course, to do this for all the golfers at the Masters is an even more impressive feat.

It's great to see an event like the Masters build a website that lives up to its potential. Compared to the bloated, ad-heavy, slow-moving site that ESPN has become, the Masters' site is a breath of fresh air. Kudos to the geeks behind Augusta's site who put this together!

So, enjoy the Masters online but be careful; if you work in an office with a large percentage of men over 35, websites like this could destroy your company's bandwidth and productivity!