Tonight, I'm on my way to my first Dodger game of the year. I could only be more excited if I weren't missing the first LA Kings playoff game since 2002. For all the success that the Lakers and, to a lesser extent, the Dodgers have had, the LA Kings have quietly been one of the least successful hockey franchises (you could argue, sports franchises) in history. The Kings were part of the NHL's first expansion in 1967. They have been to one Stanley Cup final and they lost. That's 42 years of disappointment. The Kings couldn't even get it done with the bar none greatest player in history, Wayne Gretzky. Needless to say, I've been waiting to see this game since college. I'll be taping the game and I hope that they don't announce the score at the Dodger game.

With that petty concern behind us, it's actually a great time to be an Angelino sports fan. The Lakers, fresh off their latest championship, are back in the #1 seed in the Western Conference in the NBA playoffs, the Dodgers, fresh off a second division title, seem to be working out some kinks but full of talent, and the Kings are finally seeing some payoff from their years of rebuilding. Good luck to Lakers and Kings in their playoff quests and let's go Dodgers tonight!

Nineteen hits weren't enough to win last night, so I'm hoping to see twenty-five tonight. Hopefully, the Matt "the Bison/the Rainman" Kemp, Russell "R-Mart" Martin and Andre "Dining with Dre" Ethier are up to the challenge.