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Check out the new Double Down sandwich, fresh on its victories in the test markets of Omaha and Providence! My favorite thing about this isn’t the fact that KFC decided to make a sandwich with two pieces of fried chicken surrounding bacon and cheese. No, my favorite this about this is the fact that the slogan is so darn appropriate:

“It’s Real!”

That’s the slogan. Why? Because it has to be! With everyone still wary from April Fool’s Day, I think it’s important for them to stress that this monstrosity is an actual thing and not a joke. Otherwise, who would believe that any company outside of the tobacco industry would put out a product so blatantly aimed at killing it’s customers? [BoingBoing]

Bonus South Park Video (NSFW: language):


Today, I got absolutely rocked (ROCKED!!!) by an April Fool’s Day gag, courtesy of our ingenious and hilarious Google Agency Team, specifically, Rachael and Cassie. I’m not going to get into it because I’m still shaking and breathing into a paper bag from the April Fool’s beat-down they put down on me, but I did want to take a moment and honor this holiday.

Since I’m in marketing, I thought that an easy way to do this would be to share some funny ads I came across made by two guys who are either idiots, savants or a combination of both who have been pranking us all for years: Tim and Eric. Whether you love them, hate them or just don’t understand them, I think you’ll agree, these Old Spice ads are absolutely hysterical. Check them out and be careful for another few hours; April Fool’s Day isn’t over yet. [VideoGum via Reddit]