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In an unexpected twist, this dog–later named Mr. McScrufferson–went on to become Chief of Police in Plattsburgh. Chief McScrufferson unfortunately ended up firing Officer Shepherd over a seemingly innocent tummy scratching misunderstanding. Officer Shepherd sued Chief McScrufferson for unfair dismissal and won, bankrupting the dog and sending him wandering aimlessly through Plattsburgh. In a drunken fit, McScrufferson got himself caught in a fence and was discovered for the second time by Officer Shepherd, who instantly remembered the good times the two had shared. He freed McScrufferson from the fence and the two reunited, leaving all ill will behind.

Now, if you think that the video above is heartwarming, you should really see the second one! [Digg]


Check out today's Google doodle. It's Pac-Man! In honor of Pac-Man's 30th birthday, Google has dedicated its doodle to him, but that's not all! If you click insert coin (where "I'm feeling lucky" normally is) you can actually play the game! If you're still not impressed, click insert coin again for some two-player, Pac-Man and Ms. Pac-Man action! Happy birthday, Pac-Man; you're still the coolest completely yellow video game character of all time (sorry, Pikachu).


Look at that punim!

Congrats to Mothner for making the big time! Check out Mothner's article, "8 Ways to Optimize Video Content for Search" or just go to Wpromote for more information on PPC management and search engine optimization.


When you're with your friends
And you're all dressed up
Who you gonna call?

Somehow, that worked for these four lucky dudes!

Do you think if I dressed up like Bob Wiley and repeated "If your friend's a good sailor and the craft is seaworthy, yes, I will go sailing," into a mirror three times at midnight, Bill Murray might show up and go sailing with me? I'll let you know tomorrow morning. [Reddit]


The economy continue to be up one day and down the next; some believe that the rebound is right around the corner, some think there is no shortage of bad times ahead. It's scary, certainly, but as far as online ad revenue goes, trending is still extremely positive. You can clearly see where the burst bubble took its toll on the online advertising business in late 2008 but it's reassuring to the folk in the industry (i.e. me) to see such a strong rebound. Q1 revenue for 2010 almost reached six billion dollars!

Now, if only the housing, credit and every other market could follow suit! [IAB via TechCrunch]


Okay, so this wasn't a Wall Street Journal or US News & World Reports ranking but, according to the Daily Beast, Dartmouth is the most powerful college in the field of tech. I'm not sure what that means, to be honest, but it's pretty cool and more than a little surprising. Dartmouth beat out Stanford for the top spot with the top five rounding out with Princeton, Harvard and MIT. Congrats to Dartmouth on its mighty and powerful presence in tech and thanks to Matt Burr for finding this gem! [TheDailyBeast]


It’s very self congratulatory, but please check out my victory on the Google Display Exam. Only I could get my phone stolen, be forced to buy a new one and then win a free one only one week later! I’m not sure if that makes me lucky, unlucky or whatever but it makes for a good blog post! Don’t believe me? Read it for yourself!

Thanks to Wpromote for sending me to New York and to Google for the nifty prize! [Wpromote Blog]


That basically rhymed… your welcome.

So, the man, the myth, the legend, Michael Mothner, a.k.a. "Big Boss Man," just made a bit of a splash on with his article "8 Ways to Optimize Video Content for Search." If you wanted to learn some ways to give your videos some SEO firepower, this is the article for you! Go check it out and, if you want, link to it like I just did. If you do, there's an ice cream sandwich in it for you. Who doesn't love those?

You may be wondering why Mothner is nicknamed the "Big Boss Man" but is dressed like the "Macho Man" Randy Savage. It's a valid question but nobody but Mothner knows the answer. It's part of the reason that he's Captain of the Good Ship Wpromote. Respecognize. []

This marks the second day in a row that I didn't come up with the content for a blog post. Thanks to Wpromotesman Chris for sending this video.

Now, obviously, Chrome isn't really faster than lightning but doesn't this make you want to download Chrome and see for yourself? That's called great marketing! The real surprise for me wasn't that Chrome proved to be so darn fast, it was that potatoes were almost as fast! Potatoes are supposed to be lazy, not fast. If you call someone a couch potato, that's supposed to mean that they are sluggish layabout with no discernible direction for the day. Apparently, we've misjudged potatoes; they are almost as fast as the Internet!

So, the next time someone calls you a couch potato, take it as a compliment. Also, get yourself an egg cream at the malt shoppe because apparently, we're in the early 20th century back when people would refer to other, lazier people as "couch potatoes."

Thanks to my buddy Erik for this find. Normally, I don't post stuff I didn't find but when Bill Murray decides to share poetry with construction workers on video, I have to post it.

Who am I kidding, I would post a video of Bill Murray eating a bowl of soup in the dark if I had it.

I'm not sure I fully "get the joke," but when Bill Murray is involved, you just have to assume that it's hilarious because 99 times out of 100, it is. So, this must be too… probably. []