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So, most people (i.e. people like me) just assume that most machines run with hamsters running on wheels. A Ferrari has like, WAY more hamsters than a DVD player, for example. Well, I always thought that Google just had billions of hamsters and billions of wheels in a warehouse somewhere powering their operations. As it turns out, I was wrong. Check out this cool infographic to learn more about how Google works, from beginning to end! [PPC Blog]


Everyone remembers Christmas Ape Goes to Summer Camp but it pales in comparison to the original Christmas Ape. Oh, Phil Hartman, I think I miss you more with every passing day. [Digg]

The Facebook movie, titled The Social Network now has a trailer. It's a little low on visuals but the dialogue sounds like a cross between a horror flick and the movie Boiler Room. It's too early to tell if it's going to be good, but I'm betting that it's going to be a difficult sell to the American public. Keep in mind that Grown UpsĀ  just made $41M this weekend. Maybe, the Mark Zuckerberg character should take a couple of shots to the groin once every twenty minutes to try and hold the viewer's attention. I know I'd pay $5 to see that. What's that? Movies cost how much now?!

See you on HBO, Zucks. [Valleywag]


Reports of Google’s death are greatly exaggerated…

As you can see, even with Bing’s $100+ million marketing effort and a couple cool tricks there are still valid reasons as to why people still prefer to use Google. [Reddit]

Edit: It seems that the user that took this image was in Germany. The US results for Bing are better than in this image. Still, I do prefer Google’s layout!


USA! USA! We're moving on to the round of sixteen after that awesome goal from Manhattan Beach resident, Landon Donovan. Our next opponent will be the Black Stars. No, not Mos Def and Talib Kweli, but the Ghana national football team commonly known by a similar name. Hopefully, we'll be as good at soccer against the Black Stars on Saturday as Black Star was at rapping in the late 90s! [SI]








I'll just let the pictures do the talking. Congrats to the Lakers! [LA Times]


This is a pretty amazing photo. On top, you can see the town of Los Angeles in 1908; on bottom, you can see the megalopolis of Los Angeles in 2002. My, how far we've come. Luckily, this is a night shot, so it just looks impressive. If this were taken during the day, it would be a little depressing because the bottom picture would be covered in a brownish-gray haze that is LA's omnipresent smog layer.

Still, if you can look past that and you don't like public transpo, it's a hell of a city we've got here! Let's hope the Lakers can represent it well tonight! [Gizmodo]

Bonus Video:

Do you hate ads? I don't, but I also couldn't buy Scotch if not for ads, so maybe I'm the exception. That notwithstanding, I still appreciate the distaste with intrusive ads such as pop-ups, spam and in-video ads such as the Ads by Google that you'll find in YouTube ads. Of course, without these ads, YouTube would have little source for revenue and without revenue, YouTube might not exist for long in its current state. There are always two sides.

…except in this video! Watch as Ads by Google not only informs you of a great place to give your nails that European look but also helps Marshall Renegade save the princess–and the galaxy–from the evil Goroxxx!

PS: I now want a laser whip. [Gizmodo]

Quick! Get these guys in some ooze! They clearly have what it takes to become the world's most fearsome fighting team. [Digg]

Okay, so it’s a different Willy Nelson. Still, this Canadian, sciencey version of our American, musical version seems like he might be a lot more helpful with this Gulf of Mexico oil spill situation than ours. Sure, our guy could whip up a song to soothe the sorrows of the people of the affected areas but this guy might actually be able to help fix the ocean!

Quick, everyone get a cheese grater, all your candles and a big bowl. Now, get to making wax shavings and send the results to anyone you know with a boat or helicopter. They’ll take care of the rest! People with boats and helicopters didn’t get there by being dimwitted. [Reddit]