Things Real People Don't Say About Advertising may be my new favorite website. 

Working in marketing, it's easy to get "too close" to remember that real people act like–go figure–real people! They don't usually say things like, "Wow, who knew you could get 20% your favorite brands at the President's Day Blowout Sale?!" like they do in commercials all the time. Good marketing is good marketing because it's memorable, likable or useful and advertisers (like me) constantly search for universal formulas to achieve that memorability/likeability/usefulness with every type of client. 

Of course, that formula doesn't exist; if it did, advertising would be easy and no product or service would stand out above any others. Still, it's the job of the marketer to seek out better ways to advertise and it's the job of to make fun of those marketers. So far, they're doing a really good job! [popurls]