How do you get people to advertise on a seemingly outdated medium like billboards? That’s easy, send an ultimatum! In this case the ultimatum is a naked fat guy. If this ploy isn’t effective at getting people to replace such a ghastly image with a nice, clean advertisement it’s at least effective at being hilarious and producing some buzz. This is one of the reasons why advertising is so interesting. No medium of advertising should ever truly be considered “dead” as long as there are creative types who “get it” working at traditional marketing firms.

This set of billboards from the Netherlands is a perfect example of a billboard having far more reach than simply the highways and apartments that it overlooks. I would wager that this will have a greater effect in its life as a viral piece than as a physical piece in the real world. We’ve all seen sites dedicated to creative billboards; this just happens to be the funniest one that I’ve seen out of the lot that I can remember. Great job to the folks at Interbest for not only showing that billboard ads can be fun but that they can also be just as effective online as offline. [CreativeCriminals via Reddit]