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If you like whiskey and trying new things, have I got a recommendation for you. Whippersnapper, by Random Spirits, is a 79% corn mash whiskey that smells like nothing I've ever come across and tastes like a whiskey much older than it is. Despite it being produced mainly from corn, the aging process precludes this Oregonian whiskey from being considered a bourbon. What's the aging process, you ask? Well, I'm glad you did!

Aging takes place in a variety of barrels, including used French coopered pinot noir barrels, new American coopered whiskey barrels, and used American whiskey barrels. The whippersnapper is aged for between six months and two years, with an average time of about one year.

Three different homes in less than two years? This whiskey is like the army brat of American spirits! What you get from such an involved process is an absolutely wonderful and unique flavor profile. If you can find a bottle of this good, good stuff, I highly recommend picking it up. It's not easy to find but at the time of this post, it was available at K&L.

Thanks to Tyler for buying this bottle for Adam and to Adam for sharing it with his friends! And congrats to Adam on his upcoming nuptials!

Thanks to the folks at CollegeHumor for making this. It's the most realistic depiction of how dinosaurs may have interacted with one another that I've ever seen:

Btw, if you think that the voices sound like voices from The Cheat's flash cartoons within the HomestarRunner website, you're both not alone and as big of a dork as I am.

Live video from your iPhone using Ustream

Tracy Morgan as Tracy Jordan on 30 Rock coined the quotation that I’ve used as the title of this post and I try to heed it myself. But, for those of you who need something a little extra to to get you pumped for Shark Week, I offer the world’s largest shark tank, live streaming from Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta. For more info, check out the Wired article with the same stream. This is a pretty easy way to lose 15 minutes of your work day, so be warned before you press play! [Wired]

By now, almost everyone I know is aware of Google Plus (or Google+, I'm not sure which is the preferred method of writing it out in an SEO friendly way). Some of those that haven't yet signed up may be wondering what it's like. To them I would say that, it's like a slick version of Facebook with a fantastic idea called Circles which allows the user to group contacts so that he/she can express themselves selectively to those different groups. Oh, also, it's a total sausage fest.

Currently–and by that I mean 1:10 PDT on 7/13/2011–there are 947,996 people indexed by Google Plus according to Of those users, a testosteronic 73.7% of them have a Y chromosome. That's right, dudes outnumber ladies on Google Plus by about 3:1, which is not a ratio of which Google should be particularly proud. Admittedly, is not affiliated with Google, Inc but it's one of the few services claiming to have access to this information.

Google is still scrambling to meet the voracious demand for invites and it's almost certain that that figure will be much closer to 50/50 as the weeks go on, however, with almost 1,000,000 users indexed by an impartial third party service, it might say something about Google Plus that such a small percentage of early adopters are female. What has caused this lopsided adoption pattern to date is difficult to know. Is Facebook particularly good at meeting the needs of its female users? Are male users disproportionately upset with Facebook? Did invites to Google Plus get sent to way more men than women? Are men just more likely to be interested in the newest social media product? Is Google Plus failing in some way to attract female users? Is it just a total fluke?

I don't have access to enough data to know for sure but I would imagine that the Googlers behind Plus are working on figuring out how to bring in more women presently. Until then, if you're a lonely fella looking for a date on Google Plus, you're probably better off sticking with your profile. 

PS: If you would like an invite to Google Plus, let me know!


If anyone out there has an interest in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), please go check out Wpromote's new, free SEO audit tool. I'm really proud of all the people who helped create this tool and I hope that people will find it useful when trying to figure out where their websites stand in the eyes of the search engines. The tool has been honed for months but I know that the SEO team at Wpromote would welcome suggestions. If you have any ideas as to what could be added to the tool, feel free to post a comment here or to email Wpromote directly at Thanks!

1) First of all, I recently joined Google+. If you’re wondering what Google+ is, I will refer you to the incredibly witty webcomic, xkcd, which sums it up perfectly:

As soon as I’m allowed to invite people, I’ll do my best to get my friends on. For now, it’s a little lonely on Google+ but I must say, the Circles feature is really cool. Facebook, take a note!

2) Second of all, I saw this ad on Reddit today wherein a girl’s boyfriend charms everyone at the table. I have to admit, I found myself charmed as well! See if it has the same effect on you!

Good advertising… it really makes you hate bad advertising, doesn’t it? I’m looking at you, Ed-u-ca-tion Con-nec-tion!

3) Third of all, it’s been over a month since I posted anything at all! I’m really slipping and Google seems to have noticed. has fallen to a PR1! Oh, the shame! I’ve got to get back on the posting horse and ride. More posting will be coming more often, whether you like it or not!

PS: I’m totally ripping Petros & Money with the “Three Things Thursday” motif. Hope they don’t mind!
PPS: If you didn’t see my article on Google Search by Image in the Wpromote blog, please check it out.