Please excuse the third person title of this post but I’ve got to improve my SEO for the name “Michael Block.” I’m lagging here!

Anyway, as the title would lead you to believe, I got engaged last night to my longtime girlfriend, Yifat. Word travels fast, so this is mostly old news but I figured that this blog wouldn’t be very representative of my life if I didn’t include something about it here. I proposed to her in Millennium Park in Hermosa Beach with the Pacific Ocean in the background. We often pass by this park while walking our dog and I thought it might be nice to give this park a little bit more significance by making it the spot of my proposal. Afterwards, we walked over to Chef Melba’s Bistro and had a delicious and very nice dinner with our families and celebrated together. So, mazel tov and congratulations to, well, me, I guess! 

John Magua, my good friend, took a bunch of great pictures, including the picture above, which I think is a pretty solid beach version of Bob Dylan’s “The Freewheelin” album cover.