Even though dinosaurs as we normally think about them haven't been around for 65 million years, they are still making headlines today. For this Friday, I thought I'd treat everyone to three cool new stories in the world of dinosaurs. Enjoy!

DINOSAUR UPDATE #1: Check out that beauty at the top of the page. That's the as-yet-unnamed therapod recently discovered in Germany. Many are calling it the most complete skeleton ever found. It's rare to find a dinosaur skeleton even half this complete. It's even more rare to find one of a meat-eater. Think about the African plains; there are a lot more antelope and buffalo than lions. That ratio was similar in dinosaur times. It's even more rare to find a juvenile skeleton like this one. This is big and I can't wait until they write up their findings! Thanks to my buddy Edwin for sending this my way. []

DINOSAUR UPDATE #2: What's cooler than dinosaurs? Nothing, obviously. But dinosaurs can be made even cooler when you add lasers! Scientists are using 3D lasers to estimate dinosaur weight and they're discovering that the biggest T. rex, named "Sue," was actually 30% heavier than they initially guessed. Someone call the folks at Terra Nova and tell them to give their dinosaurs a bigger pot belly and a set of moobs. [Gizmodo]

DINOSAUR UPDATE #3: Paleontologist/Mad Scientist/Baller, Dr. John Horner ("Jack" to his friends) wants to make a dinosaur by reverse engineering a chicken embryo. Think he's crazy? So has everyone else but he's always been right. Jack was one of the pioneers (with others such as Dr. Robert Bakker, "Bob" to his friends) to propose that dinosaurs were warm-blooded. He also thought of the "crazy" idea that maybe T. rex scavenged as much as he hunted because, you know, why wouldn't he? Now he thinks that he and a team of people smarter than anyone you know can hatch a dinosaur using a chicken embryo as a base. I don't know if it's possible but I'm going to pre-order one as soon as I can. Heads up, Bixby. [Wired]

Sorry for the all-caps headlines; it's just way more fun to write the word "dinosaur" in all-caps. It's science.