Discovery is reporting that in five years there will be at least one real, non-Ray Romano-voiced woolly mammoth walking around the earth with the rest of us. That's just in time for global warming to really kick into high gear! So, although the new big mammoth on campus is likely to be a little warm, my guess is that we'll do our best to accommodate. After all, we wouldn't want to damage the delicious woolly mammoths steaks that we'll be harvesting in seven years!

This, of course, begs the question that was raised in the full article: "Is it such a good idea, however, to clone animals that have long been extinct?" The answer that I've come up with after zero deliberation is: "Yes, shut up." This is far too awesome an opportunity to spend any time questioning whether it's "right' or "ethical" or "a sign of the apocalypse." This is something must be done based on the merits of how rad it is. It's a joyous occasion and, as is appropriate in any joyous occasion, I'll quote the immortal words of Will Smith from Independence Day to the upcoming, hairy arrival, "Welcome to Earth!" 

Or, should I say, "Welcome back to Earth!" [Discovery]