I love whisky but John Hansell, pictured above, of the fantastic Whisky Advocate Blog (formerly loooves whisky. Every year, the folks over at Whisky Advocate (formerly Malt Advocate) give out awards to the whiskies that they believe were truly exceptional. Here’s a quick link to last year’s winners and below are this year’s winners along with links to the articles where you can learn more about them about them:

If you like whisky, I highly recommend checking out this blog. It’s impossible for most of us to taste all the whiskies that come out each year, so it’s great to have a guy like Mr. Hansell doing the “dirty” work for us. He makes the world of whisky accessible, informative and fun and he tries to keep in mind the budget of regular folks while he’s doing it. As you can see from the prices, many of these whiskies are very competitively priced**. 

Of the winners, I’ve only had the Redbreast Irish whiskey, which is great, although I’ve had other expressions from most of these distilleries. Now, I just have to figure out which one to try first. I’m leaning toward the Compass Box or the Bruichladdich, although I’m sure that all of these are amazing in their own way!

**Keep in mind that a $90 whisky is equivalent to a $25-$30 bottle of wine when you think about the amount of servings per bottle. A $25-$30 bottle of wine isn’t cheap but it’s a fair purchase to justify once in a while. Same with whisky, only you get to multiply the price by three or four.