The folks over at Whisky Advocate  (formerly Malt Advocateknow their way around the world’s greatest beverage. Once a year, they give out awards to recognize some of the best bottles available to the public and, in an effort to help spread their message, I try to recap it for you in a few easy links.

So, without further ado, here are the best whiskies in the world according to Whisky Advocate’s editor, John Hansell, who wins my award for Smartest Career Choice:

Yet another great list but I have to admit that I’m disappointed by some of the selections. I love whiskies of any stripe but single malt Scotch is, hands down, my absolute favorite. In the past decade or so, single malt Scotch has become increasingly popular and distillers have met the challenge by increasing the volume and variety of production. This list certainly shows off what are the probably the finest Scotches in Scotland, however, my problem with it is that I’ll never know for sure!

Of the five Scotches listed, exactly zero are priced below $100/bottle. Only one comes in under $300/bottle and it’s the lone blend of the group. One bottle, it should be worth noting, is worth more than my car. To put that in perspective, I’ve got something like 20 bottles at home that run the gamut in terms of flavor and price and only one routinely sells for over $100… and it was a gift! Furthermore, it would be incredibly difficult to find any of the winners in even the best specialty shops in the US.

There are so many affordable Scotches out there that are truly outstanding and affordable; it’s just a shame that none of them made the list. That said, maybe there is something to be said for simply picking the best of the best without worrying about affordability or availability.

What do you think? Did any of your favorites fail to make the list but are still worth a mention? Let me know in the comments!

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