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Michelle deserves 90% of the credit for this one. Ryan and I probably get to split the remaining 10%. We used data from Topsy to get social media information for this infographic but Michelle did all of the real work.

Give it a look and get excited for the game tonight. I’ve got the Gators in my Final Four bracket, so I’m going to be going against the grain and rooting for Dunk City to become Sunk City tonight. What can I say, haters gonna hate!

The battle for florida infographic courtesy of wpromote
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Once you graduate college, you begin to realize changes in life that make you feel old. This sort of thing gets worse with age and at a certain point, something happens and you realize that you no longer feel old, you just are old. Well, today, I think I hit that moment.

Google reader is scheduled to be sunset on July 1st. Google Reader is the RSS feed aggregator of choice for many, including myself, and its probably the most significant RSS feed aggregator still out there. RSS feed aggregators help users take information from various sites and bring them all into one feed so that users can very quickly browse through headlines and focus on the articles that grab their attention. In my Google Reader, I’ve got feeds from the Economist, TechCrunch, Wired, Business Insider, Deadspin, Search Engine Land, Dinosaur Comics, and more. It really helps me stay up on current events in the categories that I care about.

The death of Google Reader will likely usher in cries of “RSS is dead!” and those who believe this are probably right. RSS has been going the way of the dinosaur for a while now, so this isn’t particularly shocking news. The reason that it makes me realize that I am old is not because I love RSS so much; I feel old because I have no clue what I’m supposed to replace it with. When compact discs died off, I was fine because I was already aboard the MP3 train. The only folks who felt lost are the same people buying “Now That’s What I Call Music: Volume 142” from their televisions. With RSS dying, I feel like I’m losing something incredibly functional to me with no idea of how I’m supposed to continue efficiently consuming my news!

So, my question to everyone else is, what have you done to fill the RSS hole in your life? How do you stay up to date on what’s going on without visiting dozens of different sites? What’s the next big thing that I clearly missed out on? Help this old codger out; I’m clearly no longer with it anymore and it’s weird and scary to me.


Screen Shot 2013-03-01 at 11.29.33 AM

BusinessInsider is reporting that California will be one of the states most dramatically affected by the sequester as it currently stands when it comes to education. The map above shows the relative amount of federal dollars for higher education that will not make it to each of the states. The more affected states are represented in darker colors. Unfortunately for my state, California is leading the way for this metric as well as several others.

Check out the map for more info, but a quick snapshot of California’s list of unfortunate accolades goes as follows:

  • $285 million cut for higher education (#1)
  • 707,560 students affected (#1)
  • 4,037 people

    could potentially lose their jobs in education (#2, Texas is #1)

Whether or not you agree with sequestration, the cuts to education seem to be universally reviled. California is a state that already has some of the greatest woes in the nation when it comes to education, ranking 48th out of 50 states in 25-year-olds with a high school degree or equivalency, and these deep cuts in federal funding are certainly not going to help.

But it’s not all doom and gloom! I mean, it is a pretty cool interactive map that BI was able to make! Maybe Congress and the President will find a way to solve the situation (or kick the can down the road, as they are wont to do) and maybe they won’t but at least we live in a world with the technology to understand the situation using such cool and interesting graphics. That should cheer you up, right? Yeah, me neither.