Don’t knock boredom. Sometimes it leads to amazing things, such as the mash up of football analysis and rampant quoting of The Princess Bride. As the COO of a company which has named its conference rooms after characters from this classic movie, I wholeheartedly endorse this video. [Buzzfeed]

Super psyched about this. Thanks to Ryan Farrell for pushing me to fix the Posterous disaster (to which I’ll have to dedicate a post in the near future) and for helping me get this thing back online. If anyone else lost all of their content because Posterous went belly up and stopped responding, check out this handy article to help you  migrate to WordPress. Like most things in life, it was much easier than I expected and it was really laziness and fear of failure that kept me from addressing it.

Now, to tackle the broken cabinet in my kitchen… tomorrow.


This is the truest thing I've seen in a while. Poor Yahoo, they probably really thought that they nailed social media when they came up with this idea, didn't they?

Please go to TheOatmeal to see the rest of his amazing Internet observations for Spring of 2012, all of which are pretty much dead-on. [TheOatmeal]

Bonus: While you're there, check out his music video for the mother f*cking Pterodactyl.

I love whisky but John Hansell, pictured above, of the fantastic Whisky Advocate Blog (formerly loooves whisky. Every year, the folks over at Whisky Advocate (formerly Malt Advocate) give out awards to the whiskies that they believe were truly exceptional. Here’s a quick link to last year’s winners and below are this year’s winners along with links to the articles where you can learn more about them about them:

If you like whisky, I highly recommend checking out this blog. It’s impossible for most of us to taste all the whiskies that come out each year, so it’s great to have a guy like Mr. Hansell doing the “dirty” work for us. He makes the world of whisky accessible, informative and fun and he tries to keep in mind the budget of regular folks while he’s doing it. As you can see from the prices, many of these whiskies are very competitively priced**. 

Of the winners, I’ve only had the Redbreast Irish whiskey, which is great, although I’ve had other expressions from most of these distilleries. Now, I just have to figure out which one to try first. I’m leaning toward the Compass Box or the Bruichladdich, although I’m sure that all of these are amazing in their own way!

**Keep in mind that a $90 whisky is equivalent to a $25-$30 bottle of wine when you think about the amount of servings per bottle. A $25-$30 bottle of wine isn’t cheap but it’s a fair purchase to justify once in a while. Same with whisky, only you get to multiply the price by three or four.
When Nicolas Cage saw the breadth of his acting, he wept for there no more scenery left to chew.
Thanks to my buddy John Apostolides for sending this my way. And, of course, happy Friday, everyone! []

Happy Valentine's Day! Today's Google Doodle features a short film in which a boy wins a girl's heart by Googling different gift ideas. Of course, like any male in a cartoon, he gets it completely wrong until he finally gives up and inadvertently wins her heart by buying something that she already owned (a jump rope). It was cute but nobody cared about the cartoon until an image of two men in tuxedos popped up; you can see them bottom center in the image above. Does this mean that Google supports gay marriage!? 

Well, yeah. Google has come out publicly on this issue in the past, vocalizing their opposition towards California's Prop 8 and participating willingly in the "It Gets Better" campaign. With the Republican primary in full swing, the recent Ninth Circuit Court ruling against Prop 8 and the end of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" in the military's rear view mirror, gay marriage has been back in the news and remains controversial in some areas of the country. Some might feel as though a company with Google's clout shouldn't be weighing in on such polarizing topics but, personally, I applaud Google for including imagery of same sex couples alongside imagery of an interracial couple and a more "traditional" couple. It's a pleasant reminder that in a year where Google is being criticized for it's "evil" privacy policies and "evil" business practices, that it's still a company made up of actual human beings. In this case, those human beings took a little time out of their Valentine's Day to support equal marriage rights for same sex couples, albeit ever so subtly. 

On the other hand, I cannot condone Google's support of intergenus and interplanetary jump roping. Everyone knows that trying to get a dog and a cat to jump rope together is a recipe for disaster and don't even get me started about the potential fallout of letting the aliens learn all of our Earthling jump rope secrets! Before we know it, we'll be taking home bronze in the Space Olympics! For a company that so bravely defends equality in marriage, you'd think Google would be a little smarter than that!

Microsoft has decided to join us all in the year 2005 and acknowledge that not everyone in the universe is still using Internet Explorer by opening up their adCenter user interface to Chrome, Firefox and Safari. Unfortunately for Microsoft, the rest of us have moved on to 2012 since then, and 2012 is a very different world than 2005. Internet Explorer usage has been plummeting over those years and it has become pure folly to ignore browsers like Chrome, Firefox and Safari. One might think that Microsoft would want to make it easy for advertisers to give them money, regardless of browser, but this notion has eluded Microsoft since the inception of adCenter. While every other website on the planet, including Microsoft properties like, took pains to become compatible with every browser, adCenter remained off limits to those without Internet Explorer for years. That includes the entire population of Mac users! 

I'm glad to see Microsoft making these strides but it really does seem like very little very late. I wonder what woke them up to the fact that they couldn't bully Chrome/Firefox/Safari users? Maybe it was when they noticed that Apple does more business with just the iPhone than Microsoft does with everything! Whatever it was, I hope that this is only the first in a series of improvements to adCenter, a platform that is still playing catchup to Yahoo's Panama, which was playing catchup to AdWords when Microsoft decided to sunset it in 2010.

I recently stumbled across this video while browsing Reddit. Although I take issue with some of the pronunciation (e.g. Deinonychus should be pronounced "die-NON-ih-kus," "not die-no-NICK-us"), this is about as accurate and hilarious a diatribe on dinosaurs as I've ever heard.  For a much longer, maybe slightly less hilarious but equally intense diatribe, ask me why I have serious issues with the movie Jurassic Park as well. Seriously, every dinosaur is somehow misrepresented. Don't get me started.

Anyway, enjoy!

Check out Esquire for more!

Even though I've previously poo-poo'd the idea of getting myself an iPad, apps like this have definitely made me come around. I was completely, wrong, okay?! Recently, I've been holding out for the iPad 3, which I'm hoping is coming this Spring (birthday in May, people!), however, after seeing this, I don't know if I can wait. 

Kids today are just so damn lucky; not only do they get cool apps like this but apparently they have lizards just running loose in the house! I had to keep mine in a terrarium!

Thanks to my buddy John Paro for sending this link my way.