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Live video from your iPhone using Ustream

Tracy Morgan as Tracy Jordan on 30 Rock coined the quotation that I’ve used as the title of this post and I try to heed it myself. But, for those of you who need something a little extra to to get you pumped for Shark Week, I offer the world’s largest shark tank, live streaming from Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta. For more info, check out the Wired article with the same stream. This is a pretty easy way to lose 15 minutes of your work day, so be warned before you press play! [Wired]

Quick! Get these guys in some ooze! They clearly have what it takes to become the world's most fearsome fighting team. [Digg]

In an unexpected twist, this dog–later named Mr. McScrufferson–went on to become Chief of Police in Plattsburgh. Chief McScrufferson unfortunately ended up firing Officer Shepherd over a seemingly innocent tummy scratching misunderstanding. Officer Shepherd sued Chief McScrufferson for unfair dismissal and won, bankrupting the dog and sending him wandering aimlessly through Plattsburgh. In a drunken fit, McScrufferson got himself caught in a fence and was discovered for the second time by Officer Shepherd, who instantly remembered the good times the two had shared. He freed McScrufferson from the fence and the two reunited, leaving all ill will behind.

Now, if you think that the video above is heartwarming, you should really see the second one! [Digg]


Don't look too excited, champ.

Bixby turned two years old today. You know what that means… dehydrated bull penis! I'm picking one up after work, so if anyone needs one for their dog or for… whatever… just let me know!


I love, it's one of the only things I link to permanently on my site. See? You can see it there to the right.

What most impresses me about Mint is that it's probably the best budgeting/personal finance software out there. On top of that, it's totally free! I recommend it to anyone I come in contact with who hasn't tried it. Most who do are immediately hooked. It turns keeping track of your finances into an obsession, in a good way! Most of us could stand to be more observant of the comings and goings of our cash.

The biggest concern using a service like Mint is that you are putting a bevy of very private information in one place and trusting a faceless company not to misuse it. These are usernames, passwords, stats and figures that you probably wouldn't give to your sister or brother but are giving to Mint! When you think about that, it seems like a huge risk and–don't kid yourself–it is. The only reason that I trust Mint with my info is because it would be disastrous for them if my information were ever compromised. I'm not sure that that's good critical thinking on my part but I enjoy the service so much that I'm willing to take on the risk.

Then, Mint pulls stuff like this. Basically, they take their user data and compile it into an aggregate to make a cool infographic that generates traffic and publicity for them. As a piece of linkbait, this is great, however, it also reminds me how much trust I'm putting into Mint. What are they doing with my data over there? Well, making linkbait, for starters. So far, I'm not that worried; I just wonder if Mint takes into account how nervous they make their users when they display information like this publicly when they are creating an infographic like this in an effort to drum up interest.

There are two sides to every coin and, right now, Mint is seeing both sides of all my coins. So please, Mint, be careful with my data. Don't let today's infographic turn into tomorrow's sharing-my-info-with-the-IRS. Not that I have anything to hide, of course… []


"I have the power! Aye, the quickening that empowers me! I feel everything! I know… I know everything! I am everything!:" –Connor MacLeod

I'm just assuming that if immortal jellyfish could speak, they'd constantly be quoting The Highlander.

This jellyfish, called turritopsis nutricula, has the ability to grow old and then Benjamin Button itself back to youth and then back again. It does this, maybe, forever. So, the next time you're worried about what's becoming of health care in the United States, just schedule a trip to the Carribean and try to steal the jellies power by lopping off its top part with a Scottish claymore. By my calculations, that could make you immortal. [Yahoo Green]


I’m not sure why this seems to make sense but it just does. I mean, maybe you could just choose any dog breed and any typeface and it would work; maybe it wouldn’t. I’m just a little bummed that there were no beagles included. That’s why I did my own! See below and let me know if you think it worked. [Neatorama]


Full disclosure, this handsome lad is not my Bixby.