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This video is so great, so stupid, and–least surprisingly–so Microsoft.

I’ll explain that but, first, let me give you some context. A few months ago, Google announced that it’s somewhat popular but often ignored free service, Google Shopping (formerly Froogle), would become a pay-to-play environment. These new ads would be called PLAs or Product Listing Ads. This was met with a lot of pushback by some who were ranking well in Google Shopping but met also with some optimism from those who weren’t ranking well and had nowhere to go to find out what they could do about it. Therefore, although nobody likes ads, the system is still powered in an identical fashion (i.e. shopping feeds from e-commerce sites). The only thing that has changed is the way that Google determines rank, which is now done by willingness to pay in addition to relevance.

Chances are good that you had no idea about any of this, unless you worked at Wpromote or an agency like ours. Chances are better that, now that you know, you still don’t care. That’s precisely why this video is so strange. It’s actually a nifty little indictment on the abundance of ads on a Google search engine results page (SERP) but it’s a criticism of something that, ultimately, is esoteric at best and irrelevant at worst.

That’s why it’s so very Microsoft. They’re not wrong but, ultimately, I think they’ve missed the mark. Reminds me a little of this guy:



“We’re #2! We’re #2!”

That’s the chant coming out of Seattle or, at least, it should be. Bing is officially the second most popular search engine in the US, overtaking Yahoo according to a recent report from BusinessWire. This is big news for Microsoft, which has been pushing Bing through multi-multi-multi-million dollar ad campaigns since, well… forever. Of course, Bing overtaking Yahoo is actually something of a mixed blessing because both engines have been serving up Bing results (which also serves up Google results) for some time now. Still, congrats are in order for Bing. Hopefully, this accomplishment will cause Microsoft to take more interest in search and dedicate more resources to to improving adCenter, which still lags way behind AdWords in terms of usability, options and technology. Even if it results in Bing trying to innovate on the search end, that would be good news for consumers and haters of monopolies. 

Remember, even though Bing leaves a lot to be desired when compared to Google in many ways, it’s still the only thing standing between Google and a near perfect monopoly of the US search market. And if you think Google is scary now, imagine Google without competition. On second thought, don’t. Despite this news, the future is still very bright for Google. Unless Microsoft really pushes ingenuity with Bing on the user and advertiser side, you may only have to wait a few years before Google wins out for real.

[BusinessWire via Lifehacker]



Reports of Google’s death are greatly exaggerated…

As you can see, even with Bing’s $100+ million marketing effort and a couple cool tricks there are still valid reasons as to why people still prefer to use Google. [Reddit]

Edit: It seems that the user that took this image was in Germany. The US results for Bing are better than in this image. Still, I do prefer Google’s layout!