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Over at Wpromote, we do a lot of work with infographics. They’re great fodder for SEO because they very quickly and simply present information in an easy-to-digest fashion. This makes them more likely than other types of content to find their way onto other blogs, websites, and social networks. As infographics become more widespread, though, they’re also making their way into more engaging formats such as HTML5, Flash, and, of course, video.

The video above is not only a wonderfully educational piece about an incredibly important societal issue, it’s also an outstanding demonstration of the power of data displayed in an intelligible fashion. This same speech without the visuals would have sounded abstruse and would have been far less impactful. Not only that, but it would have been longer, boring, and likely ignored by the Freakonomics blog.

Every once in a while there are rumors in the SEO community that a certain trick of the trade will no longer work when it comes to increasing a website’s rankings in the search engines. The efficacy of infographics have been included among these rumors. I, for one, don’t think that anything can be completely discounted and a video like the report on child mortality myths above show why. Ultimately, it’s always going to be about value. If you put out a spammy, dull, poorly made infographic, you shouldn’t expect anyone, much less Google, to take notice. However, if you’re presenting valuable information that people care about using visuals that make it easier to understand, you’ll likely see gains in terms of the amount of attention given to your asset and the affect on your search engine rankings.

Value doesn’t always have to be as heavy as a video about child mortality statistics; a well done infographic about statistics associated with ice cream could be just as interesting. As long as you’re providing value to someone, though, you’re on the right track and the SEO will likely take care of itself!

[New Security Beat via Freakonomics]

This video is so great, so stupid, and–least surprisingly–so Microsoft.

I’ll explain that but, first, let me give you some context. A few months ago, Google announced that it’s somewhat popular but often ignored free service, Google Shopping (formerly Froogle), would become a pay-to-play environment. These new ads would be called PLAs or Product Listing Ads. This was met with a lot of pushback by some who were ranking well in Google Shopping but met also with some optimism from those who weren’t ranking well and had nowhere to go to find out what they could do about it. Therefore, although nobody likes ads, the system is still powered in an identical fashion (i.e. shopping feeds from e-commerce sites). The only thing that has changed is the way that Google determines rank, which is now done by willingness to pay in addition to relevance.

Chances are good that you had no idea about any of this, unless you worked at Wpromote or an agency like ours. Chances are better that, now that you know, you still don’t care. That’s precisely why this video is so strange. It’s actually a nifty little indictment on the abundance of ads on a Google search engine results page (SERP) but it’s a criticism of something that, ultimately, is esoteric at best and irrelevant at worst.

That’s why it’s so very Microsoft. They’re not wrong but, ultimately, I think they’ve missed the mark. Reminds me a little of this guy:



Don’t knock boredom. Sometimes it leads to amazing things, such as the mash up of football analysis and rampant quoting of The Princess Bride. As the COO of a company which has named its conference rooms after characters from this classic movie, I wholeheartedly endorse this video. [Buzzfeed]

When Nicolas Cage saw the breadth of his acting, he wept for there no more scenery left to chew.
Thanks to my buddy John Apostolides for sending this my way. And, of course, happy Friday, everyone! []

I recently stumbled across this video while browsing Reddit. Although I take issue with some of the pronunciation (e.g. Deinonychus should be pronounced "die-NON-ih-kus," "not die-no-NICK-us"), this is about as accurate and hilarious a diatribe on dinosaurs as I've ever heard.  For a much longer, maybe slightly less hilarious but equally intense diatribe, ask me why I have serious issues with the movie Jurassic Park as well. Seriously, every dinosaur is somehow misrepresented. Don't get me started.

Anyway, enjoy!

Check out Esquire for more!

Thanks to the folks at CollegeHumor for making this. It's the most realistic depiction of how dinosaurs may have interacted with one another that I've ever seen:

Btw, if you think that the voices sound like voices from The Cheat's flash cartoons within the HomestarRunner website, you're both not alone and as big of a dork as I am.

Live video from your iPhone using Ustream

Tracy Morgan as Tracy Jordan on 30 Rock coined the quotation that I’ve used as the title of this post and I try to heed it myself. But, for those of you who need something a little extra to to get you pumped for Shark Week, I offer the world’s largest shark tank, live streaming from Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta. For more info, check out the Wired article with the same stream. This is a pretty easy way to lose 15 minutes of your work day, so be warned before you press play! [Wired]

1) First of all, I recently joined Google+. If you’re wondering what Google+ is, I will refer you to the incredibly witty webcomic, xkcd, which sums it up perfectly:

As soon as I’m allowed to invite people, I’ll do my best to get my friends on. For now, it’s a little lonely on Google+ but I must say, the Circles feature is really cool. Facebook, take a note!

2) Second of all, I saw this ad on Reddit today wherein a girl’s boyfriend charms everyone at the table. I have to admit, I found myself charmed as well! See if it has the same effect on you!

Good advertising… it really makes you hate bad advertising, doesn’t it? I’m looking at you, Ed-u-ca-tion Con-nec-tion!

3) Third of all, it’s been over a month since I posted anything at all! I’m really slipping and Google seems to have noticed. has fallen to a PR1! Oh, the shame! I’ve got to get back on the posting horse and ride. More posting will be coming more often, whether you like it or not!

PS: I’m totally ripping Petros & Money with the “Three Things Thursday” motif. Hope they don’t mind!
PPS: If you didn’t see my article on Google Search by Image in the Wpromote blog, please check it out.

Okay, that title is a little misleading. There is probably something about traipsing through the Renaissance streets of Florence on your way to the Uffizi or grabbing a bite to eat in the City of Lights after a day at the Louvre that Google won't be able to duplicate perfectly. Therefore, it's likely that the museums of the world have nothing to worry about, in reality. In fact, Google's Art Project might have the opposite effect; it could lead more young people toward the world of art, inspiring trips to the world's great museums! 

Either way, it's an impressive undertaking and another step toward Google cataloguing all known information on Earth like the giant brains from Futurama. Hopefully, Phillip J. Fry is safely in his cryogenic tube so that he can save us from Google in 989 years. [Engadget]